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The Old Man Who Made The Trees Blossom by kGoggles
The Old Man Who Made The Trees Blossom
I struggled sooo much with this one, but I'm pretty satisfied with how it came out.

This folktale is about a couple who loved their dog very much. The dog has passed on due to pretty awful circumstances but still continues to give the couple happiness.
The summary of the story is here if you're interested…

Thanks for looking!  

You can follow me on these where I post more sketches and doodley stuff
Sadness and Bing Bong by kGoggles
Sadness and Bing Bong
I painted this after I saw Pixar's Inside Out. I enjoyed that movie quite a bit, but it made me cry. My favorite character was Bing Bong, so I made a little watercolor painting.

I finally scanned it and uploaded it here. These days I just end up taking a photo and posting on instagram because it's just way faster haha.

You can follow me on instagram here:
and also facebook too if you want:

Thanks for looking :heart:
Hyrule Warriors Zelda by kGoggles
Hyrule Warriors Zelda
I made this as a gift for my good friend :iconsulamoon: who has always been encouraging me with my art and life in general :heart:
Also it was a bonus for me to get to draw Zelda fanart which I never do anymore.
The actual watercolor painting sparkles in real life :D

Her design in Hyrule Warriors is just awesome.  

If you like, you can also follow me on facebook:…
I also post sketches and WIP on instagram
Kappa Dance Party by kGoggles
Kappa Dance Party
...the third night, the Kappa came again to try to get their stone back. But this time the humans put on masks and brought out many melons and cucumbers for the kappa to feel comfortable and invited them to dance. The people of the temple promised to take good care of the river stone they had taken to make into a water basin. And then they danced and danced....

Here is another in my series of Japanese folktales. This painting was difficult!! UGH! I wanted to challenge myself to make a more complicated and interesting composition. Many of my pictures had one or two things as main subjects and I wanted to see if I can successfully do it with more. I think the perspective ended up killing it though. I'm at least 70% satisfied with how it turned out though. 

If you like, you can also follow me on facebook:…
I also post sketches and WIP on instagram

Thanks for looking!
Legend of Dragon Gate by kGoggles
Legend of Dragon Gate
According to Japanese legend if a koi succeeded in climbing the falls at a point called Dragon Gate on the Yellow River it would be transformed into a dragon. Based on that legend, it became a symbol of worldly aspiration and advancement.Because of its strength and determination to overcome obstacles, the koi stands for courage and the ability to attain high goals.

Every year I donate a piece for the my local women's dragon boat team's fundraiser auction. It's also a chance for me to break out my watercolors and do some painting with real paints!
This was done in April but I forgot to upload it here until now. Oops. 

Here is my facebook page if you wish to follow me on there:…
Thanks for looking!
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