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1- Tell you something I learned about you by looking at your DA page.

2- Tell you a color you remind me of.
3- Tell you what element I believe you belong to (e.g. water, fire, air, etc.).
4- Tell you which one of your OC's is my favorite.
5- Ask you a question, and you must answer.
6- Tell you something I like about you or your art.
7- Give you a nickname.
8- Tell you the object that is to the left of me. 
9- Tell you what food/ flavor/smell you remind me of.
10- Tell you to do this in your journal too, if you haven't already and only if you want to .

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Hey everyone!

I was invited to be a "featured artist" at Anime Boston!

Not entirely sure how they found me but I'm actually on my way there now.
I will be at table 73 from Friday to Sunday.

I'll also be presenting a panel called "The Impact of Composition on your Artwork" on Friday 4PM in room 107.

Please come by and say hello :D 
Also I'll give you a special postcard in exchange for telling me the password, which is "lobster bisque"
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So this year, NYAF (Anime Fest) got melded into the big NYCC, as did the artist alleys. That means this time I'll be at NYCC Artist Alley! I'm sharing a table with my friend Mayuiki, and we're going to be located in the North Pavilion of the Javits Center table Z16. Come and buy something! or just come by! It'd be cool to know that someone from dA came to visit :D
I've also submitted an application to KingCon, located in Brooklyn so I might be there too next month.

Also it looks like I'm nearing 10K pageviews so, kiriban!
Please send/link a screenshot. You can ask my to draw anything I guess, but please make it interesting :)  

I know I don't submit new art very often but, I guess I should say that I might even be slower at finishing artworks now
That's because I've become a full-time freelancer and I'm currently working on a bunch of projects and I come home kind of late.
Hopefully I will still be able submit stuff every so often so you guys don't forget that I exist ^^;

Thanks all, take care!
Let me know in the comments if you're going to NYCC :D
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Hey everyone,

I'm doing a little raffle kind of thing on my facebook page for a watercolor painting of a pokemon
I don't have a lot of watchers so I'm posting on dA to get more participants :D and a little something for my watchers
Basically you just comment the pokemon you want and I'll pick one at random to draw
And you get an extra chance at getting picked if you share my page
Here's the link:…

Thanks for the support guys :wave:
Oh wow wow! I am so surprised I got a Daily Deviation!!! on ?!!!

Thank you so much todd18 for suggesting it and TommyGK for featuring it...I really didn't expect to get a DD until like a few years later when I get much much better...

Yesterday was my first time at Artist Alley at NY Anime Fest, and I had come back really tired, so when I saw the few thousand messages, I didn't quite comprehend.
After my second day, I can finally write a journal to thank everyone that commented and favorited the picture...
Someone even mentioned it to me this morning and congratulated me about the DD.

I will not be able to answer all of them but please know that I will go through all of them.
Thank you guys so much!

Hello new watchers!
And hello people I met at the con. Thank you all for buying my prints and coming to look at my work.
If you're at the NYCC or NYAF for tomorrow, I'm at booth c8 at NYAF with Mayuiki and Jane Mai.

I hope I will be able to keep my watchers entertained.
Thank you all so much.
Recently, I was informed by :iconthegreatblaid: and :iconcristinitaaa: that my artwork of Professor Layton was featured in the Nintendo Accion, which is the official Nintendo magazine of Spain! It was a very pleasant surprise, though they left a message for me when I first posted the picture expressing interest in it, but I didn't hear anything from them after that.  

Here is a photo of the magazine page with the picture that :iconcristinitaaa: took for me. Thank you so much for that! :hug:

I really want to try and get a copy of that magazine, but I can't find anywhere to buy it online, so I need some help. Is there a website online that I can buy it from? It's issue 226.
I am also willing to pay for both the shipping and price of the magazine if someone can buy that issue of Nintendo Accion and mail it to me. I will also mail you some of my Nintendo artwork prints for free.
Please send me a message if you can help me get the magazine.


Also I will be at the Artist Alley of the NY Anime Festival; going to be sharing a tables with my friends. It's going to be in the Galleria of the Jacob Javits Building, on the 4th floor.
My table is C8; it's going to be on the left side when you enter, the second island of tables.

I also have a question for those who have exhibited before: do I need to apply for a sales tax certificate so I don't get busted by the government? This is my first time at and convention so any advice would be appreciated.
Thank you.

Please come by and say hello if you're going to be there!!
The kiriban was caught way back in the beginning of January, and the winner was :iconlizzy1e:. For her prize, she asked me to draw her African grey parrot, Sara.

I finally got to it and finished it today! Here it is!…


Anyway, I have been thinking for a while, that I want to get a booth in the Artist Alley at the New York Anime Festival this year in October. I think it would really help getting my name out there. I have a lot of artwork to draw so that I will have prints to sell, because it seems like people enjoy fanarts the most and that looks like the kind of artwork they will most likely buy.

However, I need a bit of help. I do not know how much it costs to get a booth, since registration for Artist Alley doesn't begin until March, according to the official website. It also appears common for artists to share a booth so they can split the cost of the booth. Does anyone know how much it will cost? And is anyone thinking about getting a table at the Anime Festival who might want to share with me? Or perhaps you know someone who wants to? Please let me know if you know or know someone that knows!
By the way, I live in New York, about an hour away from the Jacob Javits Center by public transportation.

Thank you and have a good day!
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Well, it took only 3 years to have about 3000 pageviews, and I bet a majority of those are mine anyway ^^;
But that's okay, it's all about the art and the community - I met and got to know some nice people on here :D
In any case, the special number is 4444, because it's four 4's and that is cool.
Please send a screenshot of my page if you get it - that seems to be the way people usually do it anyway.
If nobody gets it, then the winner will be the number closest to 4444 (the lower one wins in the case where two are equally close, e.g., 4442 would win over 4446) but then if you get 4442 why not just refresh the page twice..

Winner gets whatever the heck you want, in other words - free commission (that I am able to draw- but please, nothing obscene). Maybe the winner will get a 4 x 5 glossy print. (If you're in the U.S., postage would be 44 cents! That's 4444 but cut in half! Amazing!)


keeping track of some awesome artists:


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